Professor Emeritus

Vita (PDF)

Research Interests

My current research focuses primarily on turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer, air-sea interaction, micrometeorology, dispersion and diffusion, and submeso and mesoscale motions. My interests include extensive ongoing international collaboration. I have worked in Europe as a visiting scientist from one month to one year on 10 different occasions in 6 different countries and have presented invited papers/talks in 22 different countries.

Current Research

My current research examines the poorly understood motions on scales just larger than the turbulence, often referred to as submeso motions (, which includes gravity waves and solitons, microfronts and a variety of more complex signatures. In weak-wind conditions, these motions dominate the horizontal dispersion in the atmosphere and also maintain shear generation of turbulence and vertical mixing, even with strong stratification. My work also focuses on surface fluxes over sea surface heterogeneity by developing new methods to analyze aircraft data. Improvement of the bulk formula is the goal of this work.