Response to fire

  1. Activate Fire Alarm.
  2. Call 911 and report fire.
  3. Evacuate, and notify occupants, including floor monitor if possible, as you evacuate.
  4. Don’t use elevators.
  5. Close doors behind you as you leave, and leave windows closed.
  6. Feel doors before opening. Don’t open hot doors.
  7. Only attempt to extinguish a fire if trained. See Employee Fire Extinguisher Training Video


  1. Evacuate when fire alarm activates or when instructed to do so (for example, by a colleague or floor monitor).
  2. Evacuate all connected buildings. Wilkinson Hall and Burt Hall are considered connected and should both be evacuated if a fire is reported in either, because the adjoining fire doors will not be secured.
  3. Move well away from the building. If possible, evacuate to one of the Burt & Wilkinson evacuation points (adjacent parking lots).
  4. Never re-enter a building after evacuating except with permission of emergency personnel.
  5. Assist persons with disabilities.
  6. During an earthquake, move away from windows and shelves; drop, cover and hold until the shaking stops.

General preparedness

  1. Know the locations of evacuation routes and assembly points, fire alarms, and fire extinguishers.
  2. If possible, maintain off-site electronic backups, including electronic copies of irreplaceable hard copy files.
  3. Review the OSU Emergency Management evacuation guidance page.

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