William Taubeneck was a dedicated field geologist with deep roots at OSU. He received both his B.S. and M.S. in the Geology program, taught as an Instructor while completing his Ph.D. at Columbia, and returned to the faculty until his retirement in 1983. He spent numerous summers in the Wallowa Mountains conducting foundational research on the origin of the granitic rocks in the region and the dike swarms associated with the Columbia River Basalts. He was a stalwart supporter of the Geology program and established a fund used to support Geology students who were also Teaching Assistants.

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These funds are intended to “support the Geology program in recruiting highly qualified graduate students who are seeking a doctorate degree, as well as retaining these high-quality graduate students while they are teaching assistants” in the CEOAS Geology graduate program.


  1. Newly recruited/incoming Geology & Geophysics graduate students, and other graduate students in degree programs served by CEOAS (if their advisor is a primary, active member of the Geology & Geophysics discipline group), who have been offered a CEOAS Teaching Assistantship (TA) in the Geology program, are eligible for a one-time $2000 recruitment scholarship paid to their OSU Student Account at the start of their first term of enrollment.  Offers will be made via graduate program admissions letters.
  2. Masters students are eligible to request up to $3000 (up to 6 quarters at $500/quarter as GTA) in support of research.  Please see link to application form below.
  3. Doctoral students are eligible to request up to $6000 (up to 12 quarters at $500/quarter as GTA) in support of research. Please see link to application form below.
  4. Students who are recruited into their program on a Research Assistantship or an external fellowship and later switch to a TA appointment may be eligible to apply for funds in support of their research activities at the discretion of the Geology Program Director and pending available funding.

Available Funding*

Recruitment Scholarship

One-time $2000 scholarship to incoming students with Teaching Assistantship appointments.

Research Support Funds

Up to $3000 in support of research for master’s students.
Up to $6000 in support of research for doctoral students.

How to apply for Research Support Funds

Students are required to submit a brief proposal that outlines the research need and proposed use of the funds.  Recipients are required to report on the impact of such funds once spent.  Proposals will be reviewed for funding support by the Geology Program Director, and you will be notified via email of the status of your proposal.

Proposal Submission Period

Applications for Research Support Funds are welcome annually during the month of June, and after a student has completed at least two terms of work as a TA. There are exceptions to the timing and terms of the proposal submission period guidelines, so please contact the Geology Program Director if you have questions.

Apply for Research Support Funds

Submit Your Research Support Impact Report

Submit Your TA Scholarship Impact Report


Frank Tepley, Geology Program Director
Robert Allan, Director of Graduate Student Services

For technical questions about the application or regarding disbursement of funding:
Kira Hughes, Assistant to the Associate Dean of Academic Programs, 541-737-1238


*Funding is dependent on annual earnings from the William Taubeneck Fund, and while attention is paid to consistency over time, availability and disbursement of funds are at the discretion of the Geology Program Director.  Exceptions may occasionally be made to these guidelines for unique or complex situations.