SURP funds are available to support undergraduate research in CEOAS. Available through an application/approval process, these funds are used to pay for supplies, expenses, analytical work, and travel costs related to an undergraduate research project. Examples include travel to field sites, laboratory supplies, analysis fees, etc. If funds are being requested for research-related travel costs, only travel expenses supported by receipts may be reimbursed (no per diem). Student wages are not eligible. Most funded proposals are $500 or less, although all reasonable requests will be considered.

Funded students are expected to share their research at an appropriate College or University event, such as G&G Day, Geography Day, Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence (CUE), etc.

Applications are reviewed each term, with the deadline Friday of Week 2.

All CEOAS undergraduate majors may be eligible. A student may receive funds no more than once.

Questions? Contact Erin Lieuallen or 541-737-1267.