To book a room, log in to the CEOAS Skedda page. The CEOAS Skedda page will open in a new tab or window in your browser, so you can refer back to the room descriptions below.

First time users must contact Biana to be added to the Skedda system.

General policies:

  • Rooms are for CEOAS use only and are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis—if meeting in-person is required. 
  • You will be required to maintain the integrity of the room and its equipment and furniture.
  • Several of these rooms are locked and are to remain locked at all time. A key will not be provided for you. You will be required to make arrangements on your own prior to using the room.
  • Projectors, poly com phones, and microphones are available through the CEOAS admin front desk; contact Biana to make arrangements to check one out.

COVID-19 restrictions:

  • Please note new guidelines for reduced capacity, in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions.
  • When making a reservation, please list the names of those attending the meeting.
  • Cleaning materials will be provided in the rooms so that you can wipe surfaces on departure (and on entry as well).
  • Please be considerate and health-conscious and leave rooms clean for the next users. It’s more important than ever before.
Burt 326 Holds 2, NO phone
Strand 340 Holds 6, phone #541-737-4506
Strand 363 Holds 12, has projector, screen, podium
Wecoma Holds 6, has monitor and phone jack. #541-737-8983
Wilkinson 203 Holds 7, has phone and projector
Wy’East Holds 1, has 4K monitor and phone jack. #541-737-4074
The following two rooms in Burt 2 should be reservable after November 1, 2020
Burt 166 Holds 4, will have monitor, speaker, camera, (Zoom and other remote meeting capability)
Burt 168 Holds 2, will have monitor, speaker, camera, (Zoom and other remote meeting capability)

Updated September 21, 2020