About the award

This award is intended to recognize contributions of time, energy and expertise expended in achieving “big picture” CEOAS outreach & engagement goals.  Awardees have created products to be used in the long term, or contributed toward CEOAS-wide coordination efforts around outreach & engagement, or simply volunteered regularly at events.


  • Graduate student, undergraduate student, or postdoc who is not being compensated for this work through their employment
  • Outreach and engagement efforts at the CEOAS-wide level (i.e., not individual, lab or university level)
  • Worked on efforts directly with CEOAS Outreach Coordinator
  • Created product to be used in the long term, provided leadership in CEOAS-wide efforts, or volunteer regularly
  • Project has been completed/implemented

Award includes

  • Certificate
  • Announcements at CEOAS spring awards ceremony and in the CEOAS On the Horizon newsletter
  • Financial award:
    • $250 for individual accomplishments
    • $100 for each member of a group accomplishment (specifically for group members with tangible contributions beyond idea generation)


  • Developing tabling kit, activity guide or video to be used by CEOAS for outreach events into the future
  • Taking leadership in some CEOAS-wide effort such as coordinating student volunteers or leading a project with the Community of Practice
  • Being a reliable and available volunteer to host tables and deliver lesson plans at many events over the course of a degree program; taking the initiative to improve lessons and delivery
  • (Examples that don’t count: presentations at conferences, outreach for lab/PI that is disconnected from larger CEOAS efforts, creating content for use at only one event, etc.)

Award process

  • Awards are distributed on a rolling basis, related to the completion of projects. Awards are generally batched so there may be a wait time between the end of a project and the award.
  • Awardees are identified by CEOAS Outreach Coordinator, based on the criteria above.  Contact Ryan Brown with questions.  
  • Limit: one award per year per person
  • Funding for these awards is provided through the K-12 and Community Outreach OSU Foundation Account, and is the result of generous contributions from donors who are passionate about sharing our sciences with communities (funding may be a limiting factor in how many awards are issued). 



  • Sarah Beethe: Rock hounding kit and grad student coordination
  • Deepa Dwyer: Outreach Community of Practice leadership, grad student coordination and regular volunteering
  • MacKenzie Jewell: Clouds activity handout
  • Adrianna Nicolay: Minecraft activity kit
  • Saray Sanchez: CEOAS videos for use at engagement events
  • Lexi Thompson: Minecraft activity kit
  • Olivia Williams: Minecraft kit, clouds kit and grad student coordination


  • Eliza Amstutz: Land use planning sand table activity kit
  • Kaitlan Angel: Volcanic rock identification activity kit
  • Rebecca Howard: Larval fish tabling kit
  • Julia Peterson: Paleoclimate archives activity kit
  • Thi Truong: Birthstone identification and minerals in household items activity kits
  • Jennifer Wong-Ala: Larval fish tabling kit

Last updated 12/28/2023