When students experience financial challenges compounded by difficult or adverse circumstances the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences strives to provide support through Emergency Support Funding.  Our goal is to help you complete the academic year or reach degree completion. Typically, funds of between $200-$500 are available; however, in extraordinary cases additional funding may be awarded.

  • These are one-time awards and are independent of any other support or funding students may have received. Emergency Funding is independent of any other support or funding students may have received.
  • Students are eligible to apply once per academic year (Summer through Spring).  Note: in a case in which the first application as approved and awarded in an amount less than $500, and a student is experiencing ongoing hardship or financial challenges in subsequent terms may submit a second application in the same academic year for review and consideration (for a total scholarship of up to $500 across the two disbursements).
  • Students must be actively enrolled to receive funding.  If you apply during a term in which you are not enrolled at OSU, you may be awarded funding but disbursement cannot occur until the term in which you are again enrolled.

We understand that the circumstances creating a financial challenge may be very difficult to communicate, and you may not want to fully disclose or do not feel comfortable providing details within the application. If you feel this pertains to you, please reach out to Mary Chuinard if you are an undergraduate student or Robert Allan if you are a graduate student to learn how we can help you proceed with applying for this scholarship.

If you have questions about the application process please contact Kira Hughes or 541-737-1238.

Click the link below to apply. You will be asked to log in with your ONID and Duo.

CEOAS Emergency Funding Application

The following are a few examples of challenges that have a financial impact and for which you may wish to consider applying for emergency funding.

  • Income loss due to personal or family illness, death, or other emergency which prevents your ability to afford academic-related expenses.
  • Extreme and unusual expenses or an event has interfered with your ability to earn an income/support your educational pursuits or complete your degree.
  • Inability to pay your student account balance or release a registration hold due to an unusual situation or event.
  • Inability to purchase books, materials, etc. needed to continue participation in classes due to an emergency or other unusual/ severe event or due to delays in the release of financial aid or other educational funds.

Please note: For all students, if you receive emergency support, the funds must first be applied to any outstanding student account balance you may have with OSU. If funding from your award exceeds the amount owed, the remaining amount will be issued to you directly in the form of a check or direct deposit.