Cohort 2 (2022-2024) Mentors

Lorenzo Ciannelli

Keywords: Fisheries oceanography, spatial ecology, fish early life stages, statistical analysis of catch and survey data


Deepa Dwyer

Keywords: magnetic signatures, ocean floor sediments


Hannah Glover

Keywords: Coastal processes, sediment dynamics



MacKenzie Jewell

Keywords: sea ice dynamics, air-sea-ice interactions, polar remote sensing 

Rachel Kaplan

Keywords: marine animal distribution and behavior, anthropogenic systems


Andrea Nodal



Kristen Rahilly

Keywords: Center for Oldest Ice Exploration, volcanology, geology


Anna Simpson

Keywords: Sea and glacier melt and mixing, changes in the ocean 



Cohort 1 (2021-2023) Mentors

Laurie Juranek

Program leader

Miguel Goñi

Program leader



Jenny Hutchings

Keywords: Sea Ice Dynamics and Mechanics, Air-Ice-Sea interactions.

Ken Hughes

Keywords: ice-ocean interactions, ocean simulations, and the Canadian Arctic

Natasha Christman

Keywords: ecology, plankton, climate change



Yvette Spitz



Emily Hayden

Keywords: Air-sea interactions, satellite meteorology and oceanography, sub-Arctic climate dynamics

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