Professor Emeritus

Weniger 555A

Research Interests

Trace element geochemistry of dissolved and particulate materials in the marine environment; processes controlling elemental fluxes at major marine interfaces/estuaries; surface waters; sediments; suspended particles; ridgecrest hydrothermal systems; nutrient and trace metal cycles in fresh water environments.

Current Research

Served as Project Manager for the OOI Endurance Array between 2006-2014. Currently focusing on "special projects" for the OOI operations group.  Along with Barth and Dever, Collier was co-PI on the original OSU proposal to establish the Endurance Array.   See:


BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Environmental Science), 1974
MS, California Institute of Technology (Civil Engineering/Water Resources), 1975
PhD, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Chemical Oceanography), 1981