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Brief Research Interests: 

The main pathways in marine ecosystems, coupled physical-biological models


Research Interests

Investigation of the main pathways in marine ecosystems; development of coupled physical-biological models.

Current Research

Use of data-assimilative models in conjunction with observations from long-term time series and Ocean Color data (such as SeaWiFS and MODIS) to modify model pathways and estimate model parameters and errors for the North Pacific carbon cycle; modeling of ecosystem response to upwelling off the Oregon coast; data-assimilative modeling of eutrophication in the North Sea.


BS, University of Liege, Belgium (Physics), 1983
BS, University of Liege, Belgium (Oceanology), 1985
MS, Florida State University, 1991
PhD, Old Dominion University, 1995

Feature Story

Keeping an eye on the Arctic (November, 2018)


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