Ricardo Letelier


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Brief Research Interests: 

Marine pelagic microorganisms, biogeochemical cycles, nitrogen fixation, photosynthesis, chlorophyll passive (solar-induced) fluorescence


Research Interests

Scales of response of marine pelagic microorganisms, populations, and communities to environmental perturbations; the role of these responses on biogeochemical cycles, primary productivity, nitrogen fixation, photosynthesis, chlorophyll passive (solar-induced) fluorescence; and the physical and chemical factors controlling these processes.

Current Research

Scales of variability of phytoplankton productivity in the coastal environments; the interpretation of phytoplankton passive fluorescence as measured from space; seasonal, and long-term changes in pelagic community structure in the North Pacific subtropical gyre with emphasis in phytoplankton production.


BS, Universidad de Concepcion, Chile (Marine Biology), 1988
PhD, University of Hawaii at Manoa (Oceanography), 1994



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