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Brief Research Interests: 

Cross-shelf exchange processes, analysis and prediction of Lagrangian transport, air-sea interaction


Research Interests

My research interests include cross-shelf exchange processes, the analysis and prediction of Lagrangian transport, and air-sea interaction. My research methods have included analysis of physical oceanographic and meteorological data (primarily moored time series and surface drifters) and the application of analytical models.

Current Research

Dr. Dever has played a leadership role in the design, construction and operation of the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI). The OOI is a long-term, National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded program to provide 25-30 years of sustained ocean measurements to study climate variability, ocean circulation and ecosystem dynamics, air-sea exchange, seafloor processes, and plate-scale geodynamics. Dr. Dever is the project manager for the Northeast Pacific Endurance Array component of OOI. In his work for OOI, he has set science and engineering requirements, performed technical evaluations of instruments and platforms developed and acquired for OOI, and overseen the design of several OOI platforms.  Since 2015, he has managed the operation of the Endurance Array by setting science directions, overseeing OOI work and OOI deployment and recovery cruises.


Ph. D., oceanography, Massachusetts Institute of Technology/ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program, 1995
M.S., oceanography, Texas A&M University, 1989
B.S., physics, cum laude, Texas A&M University, 1987


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