Professor Emeritus

Keck Collaboratory for Plasma Spectrometry

Research Interests

Exploration for hydrothermal activity; geochemistry of sediment and pore water; particle-metal interaction; application of trace metals as paleoproxies; chemical analysis of geological materials; design of chemical sensors for environmental and oceanographic studies; geochemistry of the rare Earth elements; development of paleoproxies for paleo-oceanographic applications.

Current Research

Studies of sediment diagenesis and its effect on the sediment record; exploration of mid-ocean ridges for hydrothermal activity using geochemical sensors; understanding the rare earth geochemistry of hydrothermal fluids; developing deep-sea spectrometers. Director: W.M. Keck Collaboratory for Plasma Spectrometry


BS, Minnesota Institute of Technology (Chemistry), 1972
MS, University of Rhode Island (Oceanography), 1977
PhD, University of Rhode Island (Oceanography), 1979


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