Have an idea for a cool interactive demonstration but need a little cash to buy supplies? Want to represent CEOAS at an outreach event but don’t want to pay for registration and travel out of your grant and/or pocket?  

CEOAS faculty, staff and students (graduate and undergraduate) are encouraged to apply for small grants to support outreach efforts and CEOAS representation at events. This small grants program is made possible by the generous support of the Williamson family, who believe in the value of connecting the community with the Earth sciences in a meaningful and lasting way.    

How to apply:

  1. Read through the CEOAS Outreach and Engagement Small Grants Q&A sheet to learn more about how the program works
  2. Fill out the CEOAS Outreach and Engagement Small Grant Application webform and submit
  3. Contact CEOAS Outreach Coordinator Ryan Brown with questions
  • Supplies and materials to develop interactive activities and/or demonstrations
  • Registration fees for events
  • Gas and travel
  • Other logistical expenses associated with representing CEOAS in K-12 and community outreach and engagement efforts

*Due to limitations in the gift language of the OSU Foundation account, professional development, staff time, and outreach efforts focused on other audiences (academic, policy related, etc) do not qualify for this small grant program.

Anyone in CEOAS (faculty, staff, or student) who is representing the college in an outreach effort is eligible to apply.

Preference will be given to efforts serving K-12 audiences and families, as well as populations underserved by the field of Earth sciences. Projects can include classroom visits, participation in educational fairs, on-campus demonstrations or tours, development of an interactive demonstration “kit” to be used for multiple efforts, leading field trips, and similar types of efforts.

Most grant awards are capped at $250 per project, though exceptions are made for larger projects that would meet multiple goals.

You may receive funds to support each project only once. However, there is no limit on how many projects for which you can apply for funding.

There is no deadline. Funding requests are considered and granted as they are received throughout the year.

Funding requests of $250 and under are evaluated by the CEOAS Outreach Coordinator based on the eligibility and criteria listed above. Funding requests for larger amounts are brought to the Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Faculty Advancement for consideration.  

If you did not receive funding, it is likely because your project did not meet the qualifications described above. In addition, funding is limited; we want to ensure we have enough funds to support future years, so we may stop distributing grants if finances run low.

Preference will be given to those who apply before the expense is incurred, though in some cases, funding may be granted for an activity that has already occurred. Receipts and other documentation will be required for OSU’s reimbursement requirements in this case.

Recipients will work with CEOAS  purchasing to either directly charge expenses to a provided activity code, or to be reimbursed.

Please contact CEOAS Outreach Coordinator Ryan Brown if you have questions, want to discuss your outreach and engagement efforts, or would like to contribute financially to support this effort.