Emeritus Professor

Cordley 1030
Bob Lillie - Natural and Cultural History Interpretation


Geophysics; Tectonics; Public Interpretation, Geology of National Parks.

Research Interests

Structure and evolution of collisional mountain ranges; Presenting geology to the public in parks, museums, and other free-choice learning environments.


BS Geology 1975, University of Louisiana - Lafayette
MS Geophysics 1977, Oregon State University
PhD Geophysics 1984, Cornell University


GEO 307 - National Park Geology and Preservation
GEO 464/564 - Geoscience Interpretation

Graduate Students

Kelly, Wendy, MS, 2011, Cycles of Life and Landscape: Interpreting the Geological Foundation of Shenandoah National Park, 307 pp.

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Geology Interpretive Manuals Developed for National Parks:

Grand Canyon National Park (Stacy Wagner Timmons, 2002)

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve (Kim Truitt, 2006)

Olympic National Park (2000)

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument (1999)

Gulf Islands National Seashore (1999)

Blue Ridge Parkway (1999)


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