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David Graham

David Graham photo
Discipline: Geology and Geophysics
Office: Wilkinson 025
Phone: 541-737-4140
Fax: 541-737-2064
Email: dgraham@coas.oregonstate.edu

Research Interests

Helium isotope and rare gas geochemistry; isotope and trace element chemistry of volcanic rocks from mid-ocean ridges, islands, and continental rifts, with applications to the dynamics of the Earth's upper mantle; the role of volatiles in petrogenesis.

Current Research

Spatial and temporal variations in helium isotopes along mid-ocean ridges, especially the ultraslow-spreading Gakkel Ridge (Arctic Ocean), the Galapagos Spreading Center, and the Lau Basin.


BS, Florida Institute of Technology (Oceanography), 1975
MS, University of Rhode Island (Oceanography), 1980
PhD, MIT-Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Oceanography), 1987


Publications are available at http://noblegaslab.coas.oregonstate.edu/people/graham/graham.html

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