Professor, Geology Program Director

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Brief Research Interests: 

Igneous petrology, isotope geochemistry, electron probe microscopy



Igneous petrology, Isotope geochemistry, Electron probe microscopy
Electron Microprobe Laboratory

Research Interests

  1. Use of compositional variations and in situ Sr-isotopes in plagioclase feldspars in arc rocks to trace the effects of magma mixing and crustal contamination.
  2. Use of textural and geochemical information of plagioclase megacrysts and phenocrysts (and contained melt inclusions) in plagioclase ultraphyric basalts (PUB) and other plagioclase-bearing lavas to study and constrain processes that modify primary mantle-generation basalt compositions during crustal melt transport and residence in mid ocean ridges (MOR)
  3. Use of major- and trace-element diffusional profiles in mineral phases to determine the time scales of magma mixing processes occurring in sub-volcanic reservoirs.
  4. Use of U-series disequilibria (U, Th, Pa, Ra) in whole rocks and minerals to decipher the sources of slab-derived components in arc magmas, and the time scales and character of melting processes within the mantle wedge beneath ocean islands and continental arcs.

Current Research

  1. Phase thermometry (Ti in quartz) and its relationship to plutonic themal histories.
  2. Zircons and their associated trace element compositions measured via EMP techniques.
  3. Volcanic shard major- and trace-element compositions and their correlation with SW Japan Neogene eruptions.


B.S. Geology, California State University , Northridge , CA , USA, 1991
Ph.D. Geochemistry, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 1999


GEO315 - Petrology- Earth Materials II

OC528 - Microprobe Analysis 

OC668 - Theoretical Petrology

Feature Story

Coring the deep blue sea: Frank Tepley digs deep to understand underwater volcano (June, 2019)


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