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CEOAS Academic Mentoring Program (AMP)


About CEOAS Academic Mentoring Program

The CEOAS Academic Mentoring Program (CEOAS AMP) provides the opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to connect within the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences.

Through conversations with their graduate mentor, undergraduate mentees will have the opportunity to learn about graduate school and to explore academic and career pathways.

The program provides graduate mentors the opportunity to develop mentoring and communication skills that will help them in their professional and academic pursuits.

Who can participate?

What undergraduate mentees have said about AMP: I was able to meet with a graduate student in my field of study who was very knowledgeable on the subject. We hit it off well, shared many interests, and became good friends. I learned a lot about opportunities outside the classroom for geology, including research internships across the country, as well as lab work on campus. The setting was very casual and stress free. Our meetings fit well into my schedule and I faced zero issues whatsoever.

What graduate student mentors have said about AMP: I got to share my experiences with someone interested in going to grad school. I got to give someone information and guidance that I wish I would have had. And I got to know an interesting and kind undergraduate student who was fun to talk with.


CEOAS AMP recruits students late fall term. Selected students are notified of a match and attend a one hour training session followed by a catered evening reception at the beginning of winter term. Graduate mentors and their undergraduate mentees begin to meet throughout winter term.


Applications for 2019-20 will open in September.


January, 2020. Time and location TBD.

Expectations and Resources

Graduate Mentors are expected to:

Mentor Training Guidelines

Undergraduate Mentees are expected to:


Undergraduate student contact: Andrea.Nelson@oregonstate.edu

Graduate student contact: Robert Allan

Last updated 6/20/2019