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Construction Shipyard

Gulf Island Shipyards
Gulf Island Shipyard is the prime contractor for construction of the RCRV(s). The ships are being built in their shipyard in Houma, Louisiana. Supporting them are the following contractors who they have hired for certain aspects of the project’s scope.

Major Subcontractors

Siemens is the Single Source Vender (SSV) for the propulsion systems. They will be bringing together, among others, Caterpillar who will supply the main generators and Schottel who will supply all four of the ship’s thrusters (two stern and two on the bow).
Beier Integrated Systems
Beier Integrated Systems is the SSV providing the integrated bridge system. This includes the vessel’s ECDIS (which will be a Furuno provided system), the Dynamic Positioning controls (provided by Kongsberg), as well as all communications, RADARS, and other equipment on the bridge necessary for safe navigation of the vessels.
Rapp Marine
Rapp Marine is the SSV with responsibility for the overside handling systems. This includes all winches, side and stern frames, cranes, and the system to move the CTD into the wetlab. They are also providing the mooring equipment (capstans, anchor windless, etc).
Kongsberg Underwater Technology, Inc. is the SSV who will provide the integrated acoustics package. This primarily will be the ship’s multi-beam system used for underwater mapping.
J & A Enterprises
J&A serves as Gulf Island's noise consultant. They help ensure that the vessel meets its required noise criteria. As a result, they are involved in the system development of most areas of the ship, particularly the propulsion and HVAC installations.
Genoa Design International
Genoa Design International is an engineering firm who is performing the ship’s modeling. They build a construction ready computer model of the ship based on information supplied to them from the vendors who will be supplying the equipment. This model will greatly aid during the construction process, and is much more detailed than the models produced so prior to construction so far.
LeBlanc & Associates, LLC
LeBlanc and Associates, LLC will be providing the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems of the vessels. This work touches every space on the ship, is a major consumer of power, and a critical though often overlooked component of ship construction.
Marine Interior Systems, LLC
Marine Interior Systems will provide all the joinery components of the ships. This includes the paneling on the bulkheads, overhead material, floor coatings and coverings, and the outfitting in all the state rooms, etc. Their work is important to meet the project’s goal of creating a great habitable environment for the ship’s crew and embarked scientists.
Power Dynamics Innovations LLC
Power Dynamics Innovations will provide the ships’ centerboards, including framework, motorization, reference units, and fail safes as turnkey solutions. These have very exacting requirements for positioning and deployment and run up the entire height of the middle of the ships.

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