Oregon State University

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Geology and Geophysics

Weekly Seminar Series, Spring 2019

Thursdays 4-5 p.m. in Burt 193

4/4/19Shan de Silva, OSU CEOASReconciling warm and cold storage of pre-eruptive magma: Thermochronologic constraints from Toba caldera, Sumatra
4/11/19Britt Hill, NRCSome geoscience perspectives on burying nuclear waste beneath Yucca Mountain – and the politics of digging a hole in Nevada
4/18/19Jonathan Delph, Rice University (now at University of Oregon)Probing the architecture of a lithospheric-scale magma plumbing system: the Puna Plateau
4/25/19Frank Ramos, New Mexico StateDating young volcanic rocks at Changbaishan Volcano: Insights from radium isotopes
5/9/19Sean Long, Washington StateHow much, when, and why was the West widened?
5/16/19-No seminar, GSA Cordilleran Section Meeting in Portland
5/23/19Jason Saleeby, CalTechMicroplates and upper mantle seismic anomalies of late Cenozoic California
5/30/19Sidney Hemming, Columbia UniversityIODP lecturer: Toward a 5 million year record of the Greater Agulhas Current System
6/6/19Adam Schultz, OSU CEOASMagnetotelluric investigations of Cascadia, Yellowstone and across the US: Insights into the solid Earth, space weather and risks to critical infrastructure

Free and open to the public!

Organized by Ed Brook this term.