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Eric Skyllingstad

Eric Skyllingstad photo
Discipline: Physics of Oceans and Atmospheres
Office: Burt 316
Phone: 541-737-5697
Fax: 541-737-2064
Email: skylling@coas.oregonstate.edu

Research Interests

Upper ocean turbulence; mesoscale coastal internal waves; ocean-atmosphere coupling.

Current Research

Simulation of the coastal circulations; modeling of turbulence under sea and ice leads; resonant interaction between surface winds and upper ocean turbulence.

Turbulence Dissipation during a Westerly Windburst: LES Results


BS, Oregon State University (Atmospheric Sciences), 1981
MS, University of Wisconsin (Meteorolgy), 1983
MS, University of Wisconsin (Computer Science), 1985
PhD, University of Wisconsin (Meteorology), 1986


Skyllingstad, E.D., W.D. Smyth, J.N. Moum, and H. Wijesekera, 1998. Upper ocean turbulence during a westerly wind burst: A comparison of large-eddy simulation results and micro-structure measurements. J. Phys. Oceanogr., In Press.

Skyllingstad, E.D. and T. Paluszkiewicz, D.W. Denbo, W.D. Smyth 1996. Nonlinear vertical mixing processes in the ocean: modeling and parameterization, Physica D, 98, 574-593.

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Skyllingstad, E.D. and D.W. Denbo, J.P. Downing 1990. Convection in the Labrador Sea: Community modeling effort (CME) results. In Deep Convection and Deep Water Formation in the Oceans. Elsevier.

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