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Michael Harte

Michael Harte photo
Discipline: Geography, Environmental Sciences, and Marine Resource Management
Office: Burt 105
Phone: 541-737-0452
Email: mharte@coas.oregonstate.edu
Vita or Résumé (PDF)


Marine Geography

Research Interests

My academic research address fisheries policy and the wider subject of the sustainable management of marine resources. I have specific interdisciplinary research interests in: Rights-based fishery management systems; cost recovery and resource royalty systems; capacity building for sustainable management of the environment; co-management of coastal marine resources; and spatial decision support systems to assist environmental decision-making. 

Current Research

Fisheres: Wealth, food security and sustainable livelihoods in developing countries

Contested fisheries: Strengthend coalitions and the governace of internationally shared fish stocks

Probablisic Approaches to Spatial and Temporal Analysis

Marine ecosystem services and Marine Spatial Planning


I trained in physical geography and economics, specializing in natural resource management and planning. My PhD (1994) research at the University of Victoria in British Columbia focused on resource use conflicts in Clayoquot Sound on Vancouver Island. I have a Master's degree (1988) in Geography from the University of Auckland, New Zealand and a Bachelor's degree (1986) in Economics and Geography from the University of Auckland.


Recent Pubications

SB202 Task Force. 2016. Independent Science Reviews for Natural Resources in the State of Oregon: Report to the Oregon State Legislature. Behan, J., Brennan, S., Bond, B., Edge, D., Gaines, L., and Harte, M. (Eds.). Institute for Natural Resources, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon. http://inr.oregonstate.edu/sites/inr.oregonstate.edu/files/sb202_final_report.pdf

Maas-Hebner, K.G., M. Harte, N. Molina, R.M. Hughes, C. Schreck, J.A. Yeakley (2015) Combining and Aggregating Environmental Data for Status and Trends Assessments: Challenges and Approaches, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 187:278

Parties to the Narau Agreement Office. 2014.  Review of the PNA Purse-Seine Vessel Day Scheme: Final Report, Parties to the Narau Agreement Office, Majuro, Marshall Islands.  Available at http://www.pnatuna.com/sites/default/files/Independent%20Review%20of%20the%20PNA%20Purse%20Seine%20VDS%20-%20Final%20Report_0.pdf

Hughes, R.M., S. Dunham, K. Maas-Hebner, J.A. Yeakley, C.Schreck M.Harte, N. Molina, C.C. Shock, V.W. Kaczynski, J.Schaefer (2014) A Review of Urban Water Body Challenges and Approaches: (1) Rehabilitation and Remediation, Fisheries, 39(1): 18-29.

Hughes, R.M., S. Dunham, K. Maas-Hebner, J.A. Yeakley, M.Harte, N. Molina, C.C. Shock, V.W. Kaczynski (2014) A Review of Urban Water Body Challenges and Approaches: (2) Mitigating Effects of Future Urbanization, Fisheries, 39(1): 30-40.

Freeman, P., Rosenberger, R., Sylvia, G., Heppell, S., and Harte, M. 2014. Guide for Valuing Marine Ecosystem Services to Support Nearshore Management in Oregon. ORESU-H-13-002. Corvallis, OR: Oregon Sea Grant. 74p. http://seagrant.oregonstate.edu/sites/seagrant.oregonstate.edu/files/h13002.pdf 

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