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John Dilles

John Dilles photo
Discipline: Geology and Geophysics
Office: Wilkinson 146
Phone: 541-737-1245
Fax: 541-737-1200
Email: dillesj@geo.oregonstate.edu


Geology and geochemistry of mineral deposits, field geology

Research Interests

Economic geology (origin of metallic mineral deposits, especially porphyry copper and related deposits of western North America and South America), structural geology, igneous petrology, stable isotopes, isotopic ages


BS Geology, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, 1975
MS Geology, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, 1976
PhD Geology, Stanford University, 1984


GEO 310 - Earth Materials I: Mineralogy (4 cr)
GEO 440/540 - Economic Geology (4 cr)
GEO 495 - Advanced Field Geology (6 cr)
GEO 497/597 - Field Mapping of Ore Deposits (3 cr)
GEO 516  Interpretation of Geologic Maps (2 cr)
GEO 694 - Topics in Ore Genesis (1-3 cr)

Graduate Students

Nansen Olson (MS, 2015)
The Geology, Geochronology, and Geochemistry of the Kaskanak Batholith, and other Late Cretaceous to Eocene magmatism at the Pebble Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo deposit, SW Alaska

Stephanie Wafforn (MS, 2013)
Structural Geology of the Mount Polley Cu-Au District, South-Central British Columbia (co-advised with Andrew Meigs)

Lucian P. Farmer (MS, 2013)
Trace Element Characteristics of Zircon: A Means of Assessing Mineralization Potential of Intrusions in Northern Nevada (co-advised with Adam Kent)

Darrick E. Boschmann (MS, 2013)
Structural and volcanic evolution of the Glass Buttes area, High Lava Plains, Oregon (coadvised with Andrew Meigs)

Julia Cohen (MS, 2011)
Mineralogy and geochemistry of hydrothermal alteration at the Ann-Mason porphyry copper deposit, Nevada: Comparison of large-scale ore exploration techniques to mineral chemistry

Abigail Stephens (MS, 2011)
Mineralogy and origin of copper mineralization in the Plumas copper belt, northern California.

Federico Cernuschi (MS, 2011)
Geology of the Cretaceous Lascano-East Intrusive Complex: Magmatic evolution and mineralization potential of the Merín Basin, Uruguay

Robert Lee (PhD, 2008)
Genesis of the El Salvador Porphyry-Copper Deposit, Chile and Distribution of Epithermal Alteration at Lassen Peak, California

Zachary Gonsior (MS, 2006)
Timing and evolution of Cenozoic extensional normal faulting in the southern Tobin Range , northwestern Nevada.

Greg Brennecka (MS, 2006)
Petrology of magmatic sulfides in ore-forming silicic igneous rocks, Yanacocha, Peru and Yerington, Nevada

Joanna Lipske (MS, 2002)
Advanced argillic and sericitic alteration in the Buckskin Range, Nevada: A product of ascending magmatic fluids from the deeper Yerington porphyry copper environment

Tony Longo (PhD, 2005), (co-advisor with Grunder)
Volcanology, igneous petrology, and geochronology of the Yanacocha Volcanic Complex, Cajamarca , Peru , and relation to mineralization

Robert A. Houston (MS, 2001)
Geology and structural history of the Butte district, Montana

Alexander Raab (MS, 2001)
Geology of Fe-oxide-Cu-Au mineralization at Cerro Negro Corte, Coastal Cordillera, northern Chile

Lihua Zhang (PhD, 2000)
Stable isotope investigation of a hydrothermal alteration system: Butte porphyry copper deposit, 182 p.


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