Oregon State University

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Directory of People


Roberta Marinelli photo Roberta Marinelli
Dean and Professor
Discipline: Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Office" CEOAS Admin
Phone" 541-737-5195
Email" roberta.marinelli@oregonstate.edu

Eric Kirby photo Eric Kirby
R.S. Yeats Professor of Earthquake Geology and Active Tectonics and Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Discipline: Geology and Geophysics
Office" CEOAS Admin 205
Phone" 541-737-5169
Email" eric.kirby@oregonstate.edu

Kaplan Yalcin photo Kaplan Yalcin
Senior Instructor II and Assistant Dean of Instructional Programs
Discipline: Geology and Geophysics
Office" Wilkinson 250
Phone" 541-737-1230
Email" yalcink@geo.oregonstate.edu

Tuba Ozkan-Haller photo Tuba Ozkan-Haller
Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Advancement
Discipline: Geology and Geophysics
Office" Burt 294
Phone" 541-737-9170
Email" ozkan@coas.oregonstate.edu