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Marine Studies Initiative at CEOAS

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Our oceans matter. That's why at the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, we are educating future scientists and stewards on critical aspects of the marine ecosystem — whether near-shore processes, air-sea exchanges, resource management, elemental cycles and food webs or water resources. It's also why we support Oregon State's Marine Studies Initiative (MSI), a university-wide commitment that will have local to global impacts on the economy and environment.

Together with our partners across the university and state, we have a strong track record of helping to ensure healthy, sustainable oceans. Existing programs such as our Marine Resource Management graduate degree showcase our commitment to providing students with the multidisciplinary training necessary to bridge the gap between sciences and policy. Emerging programs such as our undergraduate Ocean Science option provide broad, quantitative and rigorous training in marine environments along with experiential learning opportunities.

Specific ways in which we support the strategic goals of the Marine Studies Initiative include: