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Making Waves February 8, 2013


Tuesday, Feb. 12th 3:30pm, Burt 193. POA Seminar Series: Dr. Justin Small (NCAR). "Influence of Ocean Fronts On Storm Tracks."

Tuesday, Feb. 12, 4pm, Wilk 108. GEM Seminar Series: Denise Costello (CEOAS Geography Program). "Safe Drinking Water Access in Rural Afghanistan". Michelle Fournet, (CEOAS Marine Resource Management Program). "Humpback Whale Communication and Social Behavior: Understanding Social Sounds and Their Context."

Wednesday, Feb. 13, 4pm, ALS 4000.  Water Resources Seminar Series: John Selker (Oregon State University: Biological & Ecological Engineering). "How a footnote in a book by a French Mathematician from the 1800's helped solve a salmon riddle in the Middle Fork of the John Day."

Thursday, Feb. 14th, 4pm, Wilk 108. Geology Seminar Series: Bob Duncan (CEOAS). "Timing and Composition of Volcanic Activity in  Western Saudi Arabia, and its Relation to Regional Mantle Flow."

Friday, Feb. 15th, 4 p.m, Gilfillan Hall. Special Seminar: Dr. Marvin Lilley. "On Being Lucky - Hydrothermal Vents: From Discovery to Today's Science". Marv Lilley received his Ph.D. from Oregon State University and while a graduate student here, he was a participant in the cruise that discovered hydrothermal vents. After graduating he joined the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington. He has been on more than 50 vent related oceanographic cruises and has been on more than 70 Alvin Dives in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.  His primary interest continues to be the chemistry, microbiology and gases in hydrothermal vents.  He has developed instruments for in situ chemical measurements and collecting samples from vents. He will talk about the discovery of hydrothermal vents and some of the exciting science that he has been involved in since. * Oregon State University was the lead institution in the discovery of hydrothermal vents in February 17, 1977, which some have called the biggest oceanographic discovery of the last century.  The expedition was led by OSU oceanographer Jack Corliss and the College of commemorates the discovery at this time of year.

Monday, Feb. 18th, 1pm, Webinar:  www.oceanmysteries.net. Dr. Margaret Leinen (Associate Provost of Marine and Environmental Initiatives and Executive Director of the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute). "Blue Marvel – Ocean Mysteries."

New CEOAS Undergraduate Scholarships Announced

CEOAS is pleased to announce ten new $1000 scholarships for undergraduate students with majors in Earth Sciences or Environmental Sciences. Find information about the new and other scholarship opportunities at: http://ceoas.oregonstate.edu/current/undergraduatescholarships/ The application is now available with a deadline of March 15, 2013.

SAVE THE DATE: CEOAS All Faculty, Staff & Student End of Year Celebration/Student Awards Ceremony

Please be sure to mark your calendars now for Friday, May 31st from  4:30-6:30pm. Join us all at McAlexander Fieldhouse (next to Kerr, on OSU Campus) for an end of year Student Awards Celebration and BBQ. This will be a family/kid friendly event and everyone is encouraged to join in the festivites! We will have a short awards ceremony to honor the CEOAS students who received special recognition this year. There will be loads of BBQ, beverages, dessert and lots of indoor fun for kids of all ages to enjoy. More details will follow as we get closer...for now, please SAVE THE DATE! Hope to see you there.

CEOAS Congrats

Congrats to OSU Zoology student, Lillian Tuttle for winning this year's Ecology of Marine Nekton Award! Lillian will use the proceeds from this award to assist in completing her thesis research, documenting the interactions between lionfish and native cleaner fishes off Eleuthera.

REMINDER: Proposal Routing Process

To expedite your proposal process please remember to route budgets and budget justifications through proposals@coas.oregonstate.edu. REMEMBER to allow OSP 3 business days for processing and as we near the NSF deadline please allow our office 2 days. If your proposal is due 2/15, you need to get the budget into CEOAS accounting by 2/11, latest, and into OSP by 2/13,AM latest.

To make your proposal processing go as smoothly as possible, please remember to include:

  • If funding for a computer or software is part of your proposal budget, you must explicitly state in your budget justification the reason that your project requires a computer and/or software to complete the project goals. Be as specific as possible. Examples at http://bit.ly/X9C249
  • Cell phone usage, data lines, and satellite communication charges, etc.
  • Unique electronic items personal digital assistants, watches, digital cameras, video equipment and other unique electronic items.
  • GRA Salaries and GRA Tuition.
  • Include Ship time and include full F&A  with only one exception, ship time for the R/V Oceanus.
  • Over The Side Insurance if you are going to take equipment on a cruise.
  • Sea Pay: Include in budget as "Other" salary.
  • Submit the required CEOAS Infrastructure Form (http://ceoas.oregonstate.edu/facultystaff/files/facilities_infrastructure_planning.pdf) as an attachment in Cayuse. If you request additional resources, please also email a copy to Jane Cigarran (jciggaran@coas.oregonstate.edu).

 Please check our website for more proposal and Cayuse information http://ceoas.oregonstate.edu/facultystaff/proposal/


Attention ALL CEOAS-- we have a generous CEOAS faculty member amgonst us who has offered to match each and every cash/check donation (these are straight donations not used to purchase books, cookies, etc.) to the Linn-Benton Food Share for up to a total of $250. Let's see if we can meet this challenge! Please give donations to Jane Cigarran or Melinda Jensen.

Also just a friendly reminder to sign up to bake something for our BAKE SALE this Wednesday, February 13th! Tables will be set up in CEOAS Admin to display and purchase goodies all day until they are gone. Please label any of the traditional food allergens on your items (eg: contains nuts, gluten free, made with peanut butter. Please bring goodies in prepackaged containers that you don't mind parting with. Time to get your Martha Stewart baking skills on!

Climate Club Sandwich Lunch

Climate Club Sandwich Lunch: Conversations Across Disciplines series will focus on how other disciplines study climate change, present the latest findings in climate change research and scholarship, and provide an opportunity to meet colleagues interested in interdisciplinary collaboration.  This session will feature Joe Cone, Andreas Schmittner, and John M. Antle Wednesday, Feb 20, noon to 1 p.m., StrandAg 348. RSVP’s appreciated: 541-737-5705

Predatory Publishers Touting Bogus Open-Access Journals

According to Jeffrey Beall of Scholarly Open Access, “The gold open-access model has given rise to a great many new online publishers. Many of these publishers are corrupt and exist only to make money off the author processing charges that are billed to authors upon acceptance of their scientific manuscripts. … Last year’s list included 23 publishers, and this year’s has over 225, evidence of the rapid growth in the number of predatory journals and publishers.” If you are contacted by a publisher that you have never heard of, claiming to be an open access journal, Janet Webster of OSU Libraries suggests that you check Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers (2013). http://bit.ly/VVh47V

Housing Needed

Portuguese visiting scholar who will be working with Dr. Flaxen Conway (at the Marine Resource Management Program, OSU College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences) between the last week of March and mid July 2013. I will be bringing my husband and child. No pets. Prefer 2 bedrooms and furnishings. Non-smoking. Ideally close to campus. Max. rent $1500. Contact: Maria Adelaide Ferreira - 931-171-0750(hm); adelaidferreira@mail.telepac.pt

Where in the World Is R/V Oceanus?

Oceanus Webcam

Photo of the Week

photo of the week
Andrew Thurber (CEOAS and NSF Polar Postdoctoral Fellow) about to dive down to collect samples in austral summer at McMurdo Station, Antarctica (78 degrees south).

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