Senior Faculty Research Assistant II

Burt 262

Research Interests

Improving the accuracy of trace metal analyses by ICP-MS by discovering and eliminating interferences on the analytes of interest. Developing and improving an isotope dilution technique to measure Re in pore waters. Rare earth element geochemistry in marine sediments.

Current Research

Rare earth element cycling in and between different sedimentary phases. The influence of volcanic ash on isotopic signatures of North Pacific paleocirculation. Redox chemistry of sediments along the Oregon Margin. Pleistocene history of the Arctic Basin.


2009 - M.S., Oceanography, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR;
2000 - B.A., Environmental Studies, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR


Participant, R/V Oceanus OC1210A. Newport, OR, USA – Newport, OR, USA. 5–16 October 2012.  Multicoring, pore water sampling, multicore sectioning, water column sampling.

Participant, R/V Oceanus OC1204A. Newport, OR, USA – Newport, OR, USA. 16–25 April 2012.  Multicoring, pore water sampling, multicore sectioning, water column sampling.

Participant, R/V Wecoma W1110A. Newport, OR, USA – Newport, OR, USA. 3–11 October 2011.  Multicoring, pore water sampling, multicore sectioning, water column sampling.

Participant, R/V Endeavor EN497. Gulfport, MS, USA – Gulfport, MS, USA. 30 July – 19 August 2011.  Multicoring, pore water sampling, multicore sectioning.

Participant, R/V Wecoma W1103B. Newport, OR, USA – Newport, OR, USA. 21–22 March 2011. Kasten coring.

Participant, R/V Maria S. Merian MSM 11/1. Fort-de-France, MTQ – Dakar, SEN. 16 February – 10 March 2009.  Gravity coring, determinations of alkalinity and DIC in pore waters.

Participant, R/V Wecoma Cruise W0709B "BIF-II". Newport, OR, USA – Newport, OR, USA. 14–24 September 2007.  Multicoring, multicore sectioning, Pore water centrifuging.


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