Superintendent, Special Marine Projects

Weniger 573
Regional Class Research Vessel (RCRV)

Research Interests

Vessel Design and Construction; Marine Systems Engineering; Research Vessel Operations; Over-the-side Handling System Design and Operation; Ropes and Cables; Winch systems; Cable Dynamics; Marine Corrosion; Shipboard Instrumentation Systems 

Current Research

Marine Science Technical Advisor to the Regional Class Research Vessel (RCRV) Project.


B.S., Zoology, Colorado State University 1977
M.S., Oceanography, Oregon State University 1980


1979-1984: Senior Research Assistant, OSU-CEOAS, Laboratory Manager, Nekton Group

1984-2007: Marine Technician Superintendent, OSU-CEOAS, Marine Technician Group Manager, R/V WECOMA

2007-2014: Marine Science Technical Director, R/V SIKULIAQ construction project at Marinette Marine Corporation, Marinette, WI. (On assignment to University of Alaska, Fairbanks)

2014- present: Marine Science Technical Advisor, Regional Class Research Vessel Construction Project, OSU

Professional Development

- CTD Profilers, 1984
- Fundamentals of Contract Management for Ship Construction, Repair and Design, 1986
- Construction and Dynamics of Oceanographic Wire Ropes and Cables - 1996
- Measurement of Conductivity and Temperature in the Ocean - 1998
- Oceanographic Winch, Wire and Cable Technology - 1999
- Crane and Hoist Lifting, Rigging and Safety - 2004
- Fundamentals of AutoCAD - 2007
- Ship Design for Maintainability (DFM) - 2015