OC 295 / OC 296

Description: OC 295 Introduction to Field Oceanography (1 credit) is the land component of OC 296 (2 credits), which is an intensive, multi-day field course run on OSU’s ship R/V Oceanus during Spring Break. The purpose of the land portion of the course is to learn about the sample and data collection using methods and instruments that are common in sea-going oceanography.
OC 295 is a prerequisite for OC 296.

There will be a limited number of lectures on land and at sea to set the stage for various modules. Most of the class will be devoted to hands on activities on board the research vessel. Students taking OC 295/OC 296 will learn how to collect data and samples on the high seas, conduct preliminary analyses of data, and contribute to the development of scientific knowledge.


Instructors: Miguel Goñi and other professor/TA/martech (female) TBD

Prerequisites: OC 201, Oceanography; or OC 332, Coastal Oceanography (Note you can be taking prerequisite simultaneously with OC295.)

Application: Students interested in taking OC 295 Winter Term should fill out an APPLICATION and submit it to Wilkinson 104 by and submit it to Wilkinson 104 by Friday, Week 6, Fall Term.

Questions: Contact Professor Miguel Goñi (Miguel.Goni@oregonstate.edu) with questions.