The Oregon State University mineral and crystal display collection has been contributed by faculty, students, and friends during the past four decades. It contains the Walter Lidstrom Memorial Collection, the William Kean Gem and Gem Mineral Collection, the Russell Kenaga Micromount Collection, and many samples from all over the world, donated by our alumni. It is now one of the finest mineral displays in the Pacific Northwest. Some specimens from the collection are on display on the west main floor of Wilkinson Hall.

These photos were taken and this collection was curated for many years by Professor Emeritus Edward M. Taylor.

Download spreadsheet of notebook data:

Display Collection
Laurence Brown Collection
Micro and Thumbnail Collection
Russ Kenega Micromount Collection

Note: We are in the process of adding the rest of the 399 photos in this collection. In the meantime, you can access all of the photos on Box.