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Distinguished Visiting Lecture

Tracing Arctic climate evolution: From a forested arctic to the present

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Professor Julie Brigham-Grette—University of Massachusetts-Amherst

In this lecture, Brigham-Grette discusses how data are now being used to assess the climate evolution of the Arctic since a time when the arctic borderlands were forested and the Greenland Ice sheet did not exist in its present form. The results provide a clearer picture of natural climate variability over the past few million years.

Brigham-Grette's research interests focus on the stratigraphy, sedimentology, and chronology of geologic systems that record the climate evolution and sea level history of the Arctic since the mid-Pliocene. Most of her research program is aimed at documenting the global context of paleoenvironmental change across the Bering Land Bridge, stretching across the western Arctic from Alaska and the Yukon into NE Russia including the adjacent marginal seas. She is the US Chief Scientist of the El'gygytgyn Lake Scientific Drilling project, a $10M multinational field program leading to the first unprecedented recovery in 2009 of a 3.6-million-year record of paleoclimate from the terrestrial Arctic.

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