graduate students

Who are the graduate students of the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences? They are former educators and oyster lovers. They are conservationists who advocate for Ecuadorian mangroves, geologists who study deep space and time. They come from across the country and world. And they could be your next urban water planner or the next to discover a new species of the deep sea.

Hear their stories and learn more.

Melissa McCracken: Waters of the World
Ph.D. student in geography
Advisor: Aaron Wolf
Hear Melissa's story

Michael Harrison:
Urban Water

Ph.D. student in geology and water resources science
Advisors: Roy Haggerty and Mary Santelmann

Hear Michael's story

Iria Gimenez:
Oyster Advocate

Ph.D. student in ocean, earth and
atmospheric sciences

Advisor: George Waldbusser

Hear Iria's story

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Brian Erickson:
Hope for Ocean

M.S. student in marine resource

Advisors: Tracy Crews and
Flaxen Conway

Hear Brian's story

Sarah Seabrook:
Deep-Sea Explorer

Ph.D. student in ocean, earth and
atmospheric sciences

Advisor: Andrew Thurber

Hear Sarah's story

Melva Treviño Peña:
Protecting Mangroves

Ph.D. student in geography
Advisor: Laurence Becker

Hear Melva's story

Cedric Hagen:
Ancient Earth

Ph.D. student in geology
Advisor: Jessica Creveling

Hear Cedric's story


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