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Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Program

Environmental sciences students

Director's Welcome

Welcome to Oregon State University's Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Program! An Environmental Sciences degree provides a rigorous education that can lead to helping to understand and resolve some of today's most challenging scientific and policy issues – including global climate change, pollution, biodiversity conservation, and demand for natural resources balanced with preservation of nature.

To help reach these objectives, OSU's Bachelor of Science (BS) in Environmental Sciences offers an interdisciplinary approach to environmental problem solving. You can pursue the BS degree either at the Corvallis campus or online through OSU Ecampus. As an Environmental Sciences major, you will:

  • Study an interdisciplinary curriculum in basic science, the humanities, and social sciences.
  • Acquire a depth of knowledge in an area of specialization related to environmental sciences.
  • Learn about complex environmental issues from a scientific perspective.
  • Prepare for a variety of career choices–including work with state and federal agencies, industry, non-profits, and education–or for graduate school.

Our interdisciplinary program is supported by a team of professional advisors. Both on-campus and Ecampus students benefit from regular contact with their advisors as they work toward graduation. In addition, professors work closely with Environmental Sciences undergraduates as their study becomes more specialized. Such individual attention leads to fruitful partnerships when students become involved in research, honors or international degree theses, or other student-centered learning activities.

As Director, I am particularly interested in helping students to succeed as they develop their interests, skills, and critical examination of the environment rooted in the sciences. To continue the outstanding performance of this program, I invite your suggestions and ideas. Please feel welcome to write, call, or visit in person.

Yours sincerely,


Laurence C. Becker

Director, Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Program