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There are several ways you can get help.

  • Below is the RACS Support Webform. Please use this form to get help from RACS helpdesk group. We will try and contact you back as quickly as possible.
Please provide your first name.
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  • RACS Support (9am - 5pm M - F):
  • OSU Helpdesk (8am - 7pm M - F; 3pm - 7pm Weekends)
    • The OSU Computer Helpdesk is a free "quick help" service available to students, faculty & staff.  They can provide initial troubleshooting expertise with problems related to internet tools, software applications, e-mail, and ONID accounts.
    • Milne Computer Center, room 201
    • Telephone: 541-737-8787
    • E-mail address:  osuhelpdesk@oregonstate.edu
    • Web site:  https://is.oregonstate.edu/service-desk

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