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ArcGIS Access Flow Chart

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • The RACS group maintains a set of FAQ based on the standard questions we see from our user base. We will continue to add to these FAQs as time goes on. Please access the FAQs page by use this this link.


Course Information:

  • Student Computing Lab Software
    • Current list of software installed in all CEOAS student computer labs and classrooms, please click here.
    • OSU Citrix Apps: To use OSU and CEOAS software on, please click here



Software Documentation:



ArcGIS Support:

The RACS group helps maintain the ArcGIS support across OSU campus. We have a dedicated page for support of the ArcGIS software stack here running at OSU and CEOAS pelase see link here.


CEOAS Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI):

VDI has become an important part of any great infrastructure and the RACS group has an amazing VDI deployment. See link here.




Accessing the R:\ Drive on the Digital Earth Server for Data Storage:

Users looking to map network drives please see link here.


Keep Working

These links connect to PDFs stored on Box that describe how to set up various remote access clients to access resources in CEOAS.
You will need to login with your ONID login and password before you can access the files.

Configuring a remote system to connect to a Windows system in CEOAS via the Remote Desktop Protocol:

Configuring a remote system to connect to a Mac in CEOAS via the Apple Screen Share (VNC) Protocol:


Best Practices:

  • Academic Computing Best Practices:
    • We ask that all instructors using computing labs and other computing resources check for software availability, ideally well before the term starts, and done each term. If software packages or libraries are needed that aren't present, RACS staff will try to install them and we ask instructors to provide at least 2 weeks’ notice before the start of the term or class. We cannot guarantee support for all software, as some software is incompatible with other currently-configured packages but will try to ensure you have all the tools for your classes. 
  • Research Computing Best Practices:
    • Research computing is always a changing space of technologies. We ask users planning to integrate computing technologies into their research work to contact RACS group prior to any purchase so we can ensure support.