Ph.D. Graduate Student
Degree Major: Geography
Major Professor/Advisor(s): Jamon Van Den Hoek
Strand 347

I have a B.A. in Geography, (GIS Specialty), from the University of Washington (2005), an M.S. in Resource Conservation, International Conservation and Development from the University of Montana (2013), and have been pursuing my Ph.D. at OSU since 2016. For my M.S. I studied community forest management and community forest user group participation in carbon payment programs in Nepal. After my M.S. I worked in Nepal as an instructor with a study abroad course and conducted follow up research to my M.S. At OSU I have been working on a NASA funded project to map forest change in Nepal from 1988-2018. I'm using the data generated for this project to study forest change in community forests, forest manager interpretation of forest change data and forest change following Nepal's 2015 earthquake.