Oregon State University

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Research Highlights 2018

Over the past year, Oregon State University celebrated its 150th anniversary as the state’s land grant university. At the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, we also honored decades of scientific innovation and transformation. We celebrated the 40-year anniversary of discovering hydrothermal vents and the unusual organisms and ecosystems around them. It was a startling find by OSU scientists that upended our understanding of life on Earth and propelled deeper inquiry into possible life on other planets. We reflected upon our proud tradition of inclusive excellence, noting that more than 50 years ago, OSU hired Dr. June Pattullo, the first woman in the nation to receive her Ph.D. in physical oceanography. In a time of constrained research funding, we undertook renovations to create a new repository for sediment cores and other marine geology samples from the world’s oceans, including the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. Our faculty, graduate students and undergraduates continue to travel the world – by land, sea and air. They explore, discover and enable the next generation of scholars, policy makers and informed citizens to further understand and steward our changing planet. We are on the move! As dean, I am honored and inspired to be part of an institution with such an extraordinary legacy and future promise.

Roberta Marinelli, dean

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