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Nancy Williams

Nancy Williams photo
Ph.D. Graduate Student
Degree Major: Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences
Major Professor/Advisor(s): Laurie Juranek
Discipline: Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Office: Burt 380
Email: willinan@oregonstate.edu
Vita or Résumé


ocean carbon, southern ocean, anthropogenic change, analytical chemistry, ocean acidification

Current Research

I am currently working on the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling (SOCCOM) project which aims to fill observational gaps by deploying 200 autonomous biogeochemical profiling Argo floats in the Southern Ocean over five years.  These floats are equipped with biogeochemical sensors including pH, oxygen, nitrate, fluorescence, and backscattering and provide water column data at 10-day intervals throughout all seasons and even under sea ice.  My role within SOCCOM is to leverage this novel pH sensor data with existing observations to learn as much as possible about the Southern Ocean's role in the ocean carbon cycle. The data generated by SOCCOM will be used to improve climate models and to inform future observational system design.


M.S. Oceanography, University of Washington, 2014, Advised by Dr. Richard Feely and Dr. Christopher Sabine

B.S. Chemistry and Marine Science, University of Miami, 2008, Honors thesis work with Dr. Frank Millero


Williams, N. L., Feely, R. A., Juranek, L. W., Russell, J. L., and K. S. Johnson. in review, Observing seasonal cycles in pH and aragonite saturation state in the Southern Ocean and projections for long-term change. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans.

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Williams, N. L., Juranek. L. W., Feely, R. A., Johnson, K. S., Sarmiento, J. L., Talley, L. D., Dickson, A. G., Gray, A., Wanninkhof, R., Russell, J. L., and S. C. Riser, 2017. Calculating surface ocean pCO2sw from biogeochemical Argo floats equipped with pH: an uncertainty analysis.  Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 31(3), 591-604. doi:10.1002/2016GB005541

Williams, N. L., Juranek, L. W., Johnson, K. S., Feely, R. A., Riser, S. C., Talley, L. D., Russell, J. L., Sarmiento, J. L., and R. Wanninkhof, 2016. Empirical Algorithms to Estimate Water Column pH in the Southern Ocean.  Geophysical Research Letters. doi:10.1002/2016GL068539

Carter, B., Williams, N. L., Feely, R. A., Gray, A., 2016. Locally Interpolated Alkalinity Regression for Global Alkalinity Estimation, Limnology and Oceanography: Methods. doi:10.1002/lom3.10087

Wanninkhof, R., Johnson, K., Williams, N., Sarmiento, J., Riser, S., Briggs, E., … Verdy, A. (2016). An evaluation of pH and NO3 sensor data from SOCCOM floats and their utilization to develop ocean inorganic carbon products: A summary of discussions and recommendations of the Carbon Working Group (CWG) of SOCCOM. Retrieved from http://soccom.princeton.edu/sites/default/files/files/CWG_white_paper_March_13_2016.pdf

Williams, N. L., Feely, R. A., Sabine, C. L., Dickson, A. D., Swift, J. H., Talley, L. D., and J. L. Russell, 2015. Quantifying Anthropogenic Carbon Inventory Changes in the Pacific Sector of the Southern Ocean. Marine Chemistry, 174, 147-160. doi:10.1016/j.marchem.2015.06.015

Millero, F. J., Chanson, M., Mathis, J., Williams, N. L., Abrams, A. J., 2007. Global Ocean Repeat Hydrography Study: pH and Total Alkalinity Measurements in the Indian Ocean I9N 22nd March- 1st May 2007, University of Miami Technical Report, No. RSMAS-2007-01.

Millero, F. J., Huang, F., Williams, N., Waters, J., Woosley, R., 2009. The effect of composition on the density of South Pacific Ocean waters, Marine Chemistry, 114, 56-62. doi:10.1016/j.marchem.2009.04.001

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