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Cynthia Twohy

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Professor (Senior Research)

Discipline: Physics of Oceans and Atmospheres
Secondary Discipline: Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Phone: 541-737-5690
Fax: 541-737-5039
Email: twohy@coas.oregonstate.edu
Vita or Résumé (PDF)

Research Interests

Aerosol-cloud interactions, climate, marine aerosols, aerosol and cloud physics measurement.

Current Research

Indirect effect (through clouds) of aerosols on climate, Saharan dust impacts on cloud systems, ice clouds


BS, University of California, Davis (Food Science & Technology), 1981
MS, University of Washington (Atmospheric Sciences), 1988
PhD, University of Washington (Atmospheric Sciences), 1992



Twohy, C.H., 1988: Sampling and analysis of cloud droplets by aircraft using a counterflow virtual impactor. M.S. Thesis, University of Washington, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, 133 pp.

Twohy, C.H., 1992: On the size dependence of the chemical properties of cloud droplets: exploratory studies by aircraft. NCAR Cooperative Thesis CT-137, University of Washington (Department of Atmospheric Sciences) and National Center for Atmospheric Research, 239 pp.

Selected refereed:

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