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    Nick Tufillaro

    Nick Tufillaro photo
    Associate Professor (Senior Research)
    Discipline: Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
    Office: Weniger 553
    Phone: 541-740-6864
    Fax: 541-737-2064
    Email: nbt@coas.oregonstate.edu
    Vita or Résumé


    Skills in CEOAS Core Competencies

    Ocean and fresh water remote sensing

                Radiative transfer, atmospheric correction, and product algorithms

                Sediment and phytoplankton identification and tracking

                Uncertainty (Bayesian) analysis of ocean color products and instruments

    Dynamical analysis of physical and biogeochemical ocean processes

                Lagrangian Coherent Structures

    Design of optic and electronic instrumentation for environmental monitoring

                Multislit Optical Spectrometer (MOS) demonstrator for NASA GEO-CAPE

                Fiber-optic Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS) for stream monitoring


                Scientific: C, Python, MATLAB

                Data Systems: XML, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UNIX/LINUX


    Lectures on ocean and fresh water remote sensing for OC678 and OC440.

    Lectures on MERIS data products for NOAA Ocean Satellite Course 2011 at OSU

    Televised “Ocean Color” public lecture (Jeffnet, University of Southern Oregon)


    Please See Google Scholar: Nicholas Tufillaro


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