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Anne Trehu

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Discipline: Geology and Geophysics
Office: Weniger 521
Phone: 541-737-2655 / 541-737-2847
Fax: 541-737-2064
Email: trehu@coas.oregonstate.edu

Research Interests

Application of geophysical data to geodynamic processes along plate boundaries; gas hydrate distribution and dynamics; seismic data acquisition and processing.

Current Research

Structure of the crust and lithosphere of the Cascadia subduction zone from active source seismic and potential field data; tectonics and evolution of the Mendocino triple junction region; gas hydrate distribution and dynamics and implications for heat flow and plate boundary slip on the Cascadia and Hikurangi continental margins; post-seismic deformation of the outer accretionary complex and the relationship between crustal structure and slip during large plate-boundary earthquakes offshore Chile.

Velocity structure and tectonics of western North America - With several major deep crustal multichannel and large-aperture seismic experiments scheduled for summer 2012, we will be acquiring the first new deep crustal imaging data from the outer Cascadia forearc since 1999! Between 1986 and 1999, I collaborate with the U.S. Geological Survey and several other universities and research institutions to acquire a network of seismic 2-D and 3-D seismic images of the the crust and upper mantle of the western north American continental margin in order to understand the plate interactions along the transform and subduction plate boundaries that control the geologic evolution and seismic hazards in this region. I have also acquired deep crustal imaging data from rift zones beneath Lake Superior, the Ross Sea (Antarctica), and the US Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico continental margins, and from the San Andreas and Queen Charlotte transform faults.

Plate boundary megathrust processes - In recent years, I have returned to my "roots" by working with natural sources of seismic data recorded on ocean bottom seismometers (OBS). My PhD was on microearthquakes in the Orozco transform fault. At the time, OBSs could only record for a few weeks and were limited to short period sensors. Now instruments can record signals from broadband seismometers autonomously for up to a year. I recently completed a 2 year OBS deployment on the central Oregon margin and will be deploying instruments for a 1-year-long experiment on the continental margin of Chile up-dip of the region of greatest slip during the 2010 M8.8 Maule earthquake. We are interested in understanding why this part of the margin did not slip during the earthquake.

Gas hydrates on the Oregon continental margin - While the presence of gas hydrates on continental margins has been known for several decades, in the past few years hydrates have become a major internation research focus because of the recognition that they may play a significant role in sudden global climate change and slope stability, and may represent a major energy source for the future. I have participated in several cruises to observe and sample gas hydrates on the Cascadia margin and to image their subsurface distribution and the structures feeding these deposits.

EarthScope - I directed the first university-based EarthScope National Office from 2007 to 2011. In 2011, the EarthScope National Office moved to Arizona State University, leaving me more time for EarthScope-related research, including the Cascadia Initiative Community Experiment.

EarthScope National Office
Cascadia Initiative
ODP Leg 204 - gas hydrates on the Oregon margin
Other Projects and General Information about OSU Seismology


BA, Princeton University (Geosciences, summa cum laude), 1975
PhD, MIT-WHOI Joint program (Marine Geophysics), 1982
NRC postdoctoral fellow at USGS, Woods Hole MA, 1982-1884


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