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    Mary V. Santelmann

    Mary Santelmann photo
    Associate Professor (Senior Research); Director, Water Resources Graduate Program
    Discipline: Geography, Environmental Sciences, and Marine Resource Management
    Office: Strand 342
    Phone: 541-737-1215
    Fax: 541-737-1200
    Email: santelmm@oregonstate.edu
    Vita or Résumé (PDF)


    Wetlands ecology, biogeography

    Research Interests

    1. Ecosystem response to human land use and management practices; use of alternative future scenarios combined with diverse evaluative approaches
    2. Environmental and anthropogenic influences on species composition and species richness in agricultural, urban and wetland ecosystems, including effects of landscape composition and pattern on native biodiversity
    3. Ecology and biogeochemistry of wetlands and riparian systems


    BS Botany, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN (Honors College), 1978
    MS Biology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 1980
    Phd Ecology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 1988


    GEO 324 - Biogeography
    GEO 539 - Ecological Biogeography

    WRP 524  Sociotechnical Aspects of Water Resources
    WRP 507& 505  Seminar and Journal Club in Water Resources

    Graduate Students

    Heather Rustigian MS Geography 1999
    Lori Slane MS Geography 2001
    Amber Wierck MS Environmental Sci. 2005
    Rachel Schwindt MS Geography 2006
    Nathan Schaub MS Geography 2007
    Aaron Arthur MS Geography 2007
    Kelly Clayton MS Environmental Sci. 2008
    Elise Ferrarese MS Environmental Sci. 2008
    Stacy Polkowse MS Environmental Sci. 2008
    Kevin Hetherington MS Environmental Sci. 2008
    Marisa Sowles MS WR Pol. & Mgmt. 2009
    Sara M. Taylor MS Environmental Sci. 2011
    Julie Ryden MS Environmental Sci. 2012
    Mark Ingman MS WR Pol. & Mgmt. 2012
    Alison Doniger MS WR Science 2012
    Tucker Selko MS WR Pol. & Mgmt. 2013
    Rachel Lovellford MS WR Science 2013
    Maria Lewis MS WR Pol. & Mgmt. 2013
    Kelly Foley MS WR Pol. & Mgmt. 2013
    Hayley Corson-Rikert MS WR Science 2014
    Alessandra Harewood MS WR Science 2015
    Malia Losordo MS WR Science/J.D. 2016 (anticipated)
    Brett Boisjolie MS WR Pol. & Mgmt. 2016 (anticipated)
    Hayley Carlson MS WR Pol. & Mgmt. 2016 (anticipated)
    Megan Chellew MS Geography 2017 (anticipated)
    Kathryn Perlman MS Geography 2017 (anticipated)



    Nassauer, J.I., M.V. Santelmann, and D. Scavia, editors. 2007. From the Corn Belt to the Gulf: Environmental and Societal Implications of Alternative Agricultural Futures. Publisher: Resources for the Future Press, Washington D.C.

    Selected Articles:

    *Highland, S., M.V. Santelmann, and *R. Schwindt. 2015.  Plant Community Dynamics in Remnant and Restored Willamette Valley Wetland Prairie. Ecological Restoration 33(2):156-170.

    *Ingman, M., M.V. Santelmann and B. Tilt. 2015. Agricultural Water Conservation in China: Plastic Mulch and Traditional Irrigation. Ecosystem Health and Sustainability 1(4):12. http://dx.doi.org/10.1890/EHS14-0018.

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