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    Gonzalo Saldias

    Gonzalo Saldias photo
    Ph.D. Graduate Student
    Degree Major: Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences
    Major Professor/Advisor(s): Kipp Shearman
    Discipline: Physics of Oceans and Atmospheres
    Office: Burt 324
    Phone: 541-737-9831
    Fax: 541-737-2064
    Email: gsaldias@coas.oregonstate.edu
    Vita or Résumé

    Research Interests

    • Coastal Oceanography with emphasis on wind- and buoyancy-driven flows, flow over topography, physical-biological coupling, and mesoscale/submesoscale fronts.
    • Eastern Boundary Currents.
    • Ocean optics and remote sensing.
    • Autonomous underwater gliders.

    Current Research

    • Optics, structure and variability of the offshore Columbia River plume. The Columbia River plume is advected southward and offshore during spring-summer influencing the coastal ocean off Oregon. Observations from autonomous underwater gliders, ocean color remote sensing, and moorings are used to study these mesoscale plume events.
    • Horizontal scales of variability in the oxygen minimum zone and upper ocean off northern Chile. Seaglider observations, in combination with satellite data (SST, color, wind, SSH), are used to study the cross-shore hydrographic and bio-optical variability off Iquique, northern Chile. 


    • Ph.D. Graduate Student - Physical Oceanography. Oregon State University (2011-present).
      Thesis: Optics, structure, and variability of the offshore Columbia River plume.
      Advisor: R. Kipp Shearman.
    • MSc - Oceanography. University of Concepción, Chile (2011).
      Thesis: Spatio-temporal variability of river plumes off central Chile from high-resolution satellite measurements.
      Advisors: Marcus Sobarzo, John Largier.
    • BSc - Marine Sciences/Biology with concentration in Oceanography. Catholic University of Concepción, Chile (2006).
      Thesis: High-frequency hydrographic and spectrofluorometric observations in Concepción Bay, central Chile.
      AdvisorRamón Ahumada.


    • Researcher - Research Center: Dynamics of High Latitude Marine Ecosystems (IDEAL), Chile. Nov 2016 - present. Link
    • Graduate Research Assistant - Glider Research Group, CEOAS, OSU, USA. Oct 2011 - present.
    • Graduate Researcher - Department of Oceanography, University of Concepción, Chile. Mar 2008 - Sep 2011.


    • Gabriel Garcia-Medina, Caren Barcelo, Alejandra Sanchez-Rios (CEOAS, Oregon State University, USA).
    • Marcus Sobarzo, Fabian Tapia (Department of Oceanography, University of Concepción, Chile).
    • Cristian Vargas (Department of Aquatic Systems, University of Concepción, Chile).
    • Carlos Lara (CEAZA, Coquimbo, Chile).
    • Renato Mendes (Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory, University of Porto, Portugal).
    • John Largier (Bodega Marine Laboratory, University of California, Davis, USA).
    • Carlos Moffat (College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, University of Delaware, USA).


    • Renato Mendes, Gonzalo S. Saldías, Maite deCastro, Moncho Gómez-Gesteira, Nuno Vaz, and João M. Dias. (2017). Seasonal and interannual variability of the Douro turbid river plume, northwestern Iberian Peninsula. Remote Sensing of Environment, Accepted.
    • Alexander Galán, Bo Thamdrup, Gonzalo S. Saldías, and Laura Farías. (2017). Vertical segregation among pathways mediating nitrogen-loss (N2 and N2O production) across the oxygen gradient in a coastal upwelling ecosystem. Biogeosciences Discussions, doi:10.5194/bg-2016-542.
    • Carlos Lara, Gonzalo S. Saldías, Toby K. Westberry, Michael J. Behrenfeld, and Bernardo R. Broitman. (2017). First assessment of MODIS satellite ocean color products (OC3 and nFLH) in the Inner Sea of Chiloé, northern Patagonia. Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research, Accepted.
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