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    Roger L. Nielsen

    Roger Nielsen photo
    Discipline: Geology and Geophysics
    Office: Wilkinson 252
    Phone: 541-737-1235
    Fax: 541-737-1200
    Email: nielsenr@geo.oregonstate.edu
    Vita or Résumé (PDF)


    Igneous Petrology, analytical geochemistry, trace element modeling, phase equilibria, electron microprobe analysis

    Research Interests

    Computer modeling of the crystallization of magma within volcanoes; the measurement of trace metals in the crystals and liquids formed during experimental melting and crystallization of volcanic rocks; the study of natural inclusions of magma within crystals. Volcanology, Igneous Petrology and Economic Research Group


    BS Geology, University of Arizona, 1976
    MS Geology, University of Arizona, 1978
    PhD Geology, Southern Methodist University, 1983


    GEO 101 - The Solid Earth
    GEO 310 - Earth Materials I-Mineralogy
    GEO 315 - Earth Materials II-Petrology
    GEO 415 Earth Materials III-Igneous Petrography
    GEO 412/512 - Igneous Petrology
    GEO/OC 508 - Workshop on Microanalysis
    GEO 518 - Geosciences Communication
    eGEO 518 - Geosciences Communication (ecampus version)
    GEO/OC 528 - Microprobe Analysis
    OC 668 - Theoretical Petrology
    GEO/OC 688 - Trace Element Petrology
    Plus many other topical graduate seminars and reading and conference

    Graduate Students

    Amy Lange (PhD 2013) Magmatic Processes Beneath Mid-Ocean Ridges:  Insights from Mineral and Glass Chemistry in Plagioclase Ultraphyric Basalts

    Jennifer Cunningham (MS 2012) Quantification of the Temperature, Pressure and Compositional Dependence of
    Trace Element Partitioning: An Experimental and Theoretical Study

    Andrew Burleigh (MS 2012) Provenance and Trace Element Signatures of MORB Anorthitic Plagioclase

    Hatfield, Ashley C., MS, 2008
    Snow Peak, OR: Late Miocene to Early Pliocene Volcanism in the Central Cascadia Forearc

    Rowe, Michael C., PhD, 2006
    The role of subduction fluids in generating compositionally diverse basalts in the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

    Kohut, Edward J. PhD, 2004
    Olivine and plagioclase hosted melt inclusions and their appliation to determining parental arc magmas.

    Sours-Page, Rachel E., PhD, 2000
    Magmatic Processes at Mid-Ocean Ridges: Evidence from Lavas and Melt Inclusions from the Southeast Indian Ridge, the Endeavour Segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge, and the Northern East Pacific Rise.

    Hilyard, Mark D., M.S., 1997
    Partitioning of Rare Earth and High Field Strength Elements Between Pargasitic Amphibole and Silicate Melts.

    Forsythe, Lance M., PhD, 1994
    Trace Element Distributions in Igneous Minerals and Liquids.


    Weinsteiger, A. W., Nielsen, R.L. Kent, A.J., Tepley, F.S. (submitted) The trace element diversity of anorthitic MORB plagioclase and their associated melt inclusions, Lithos.

    Hatfield, A.K., Nielsen, R.L., Kent, A.J.R., Rowe, M.C., Duncan, R.A. (in press) Snow Peak, Oregon: latest Miocene low-K tholeiite volcanism in the Cascadia forearc, Lithos

    Ustunisik, G.U., Kilinc, A., Nielsen, R.L., 2014, New Insights into the Processes Controlling Compositional Zoning in Plagioclase, Lithos 200–20, 80–93

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    Lange, A.E., Nielsen, R.L. Kent, A.J., Tepley, F.S., 2012.  Diverse Sr isotope signatures preserved in MORB plagioclase,, Geology, 41; # 2; 279–282; doi:10.1130/G33739.1

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    Rowe, M.C., Nielsen, R.L., A.J.R. Kent, 2009, Subduction Influence on Basaltic Oxygen Fugacity and Trace- and Volatile-Elements Across the Cascade Volcanic Arc, Journal of Petrology, 50, 61-91.

    Rowe, M.C., A.J.R. Kent, R.L. Nielsen, 2007, Determination of sulfur speciation and oxidation of olivine hosted melt inclusions, Chemical Geology, 236, 303-322.

    Kohut, E.J., Stern, R. J., Kent, A.J.R., Nielsen, R.L., Bloomer, S.H., and Leybourne, M, 2006, Evidence for adiabatic decompression melting in the Southern Mariana Arc from high-Mg lavas and melt inclusions, Contrib. Mineral. Petrol., 152, #2, 201-221

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    Kohut, E.J. and Nielsen, R.L., 2003, Low pressure phase equilibria of anhydrous anorthite bearing mafic magmas G-cubed, v. 4 #7, ISSN 1527-2027.

    Zimmerman, C.E. and Nielsen, R.L., 2003, Effect of Analytical conditions on the measurement of Strontium/Calcium ratios in otoliths of anadromous salmonids using wavelength dispersive electron microprobe analysis. Fisheries Bulletin, 101, 712-718

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