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    David M. Nelson

    David Nelson photo
    Professor Emeritus
    Discipline: Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
    Email: nelsonda@coas.oregonstate.edu

    Research Interests

    Production and fate of biogenic particulate matter in the ocean ; nutrient cycling; nutrient limitation of phytoplankton growth; marine silica cycle.

    Current Research

    Silicon limitation and silicon cycling in the Southern Ocean, Sargasso Sea and equatorial Pacific; nutrient limitation and its consequences in the plume of the Mississippi River.


    AB, Dartmouth College (Biology), 1969
    PhD, University of Alaska (Oceanography), 1975


    Brzezinski, M.A., D.M. Nelson, V.M. Franck and D.E. Sigmon. 2001. Silicon dynamics within an intense open-ocean diatom bloom in the Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean. Deep-Sea Research II 48: 3997- 4018.

    Franck, V.M., M.A. Brzezinski, K.H Coale and D.M. Nelson. 2000. Iron and silicic acid concentrations regulate Si uptake north and south of the Polar Frontal Zone in the Pacific Sector of the Southern Ocean. Deep-Sea Research II. 47: 3,315-3,338.

    Mongin, M., D.M. Nelson, P. Pondaven, M.A. Brzezinski and P. Tréguer. 2003. Simulation of upper-ocean biogeochemistry with a flexible-composition phytoplankton model: C, N and Si cycling in the western Sargasso Sea. Deep-Sea Research Part I 50(12) 1,445-1,480.

    Nelson, D.M., R.F. Anderson, R.T. Barber, M.A. Brzezinski, K.O. Buesseler, Z. Chase, R.W. Collier, M.-L. Dickson, R. Franois, M. Hiscock, S. Honjo, J. Marra, W.R. Martin, R.N. Sambrotto, F.L. Sayles and D.E. Sigmon. 2002. Vertical budgets for organic carbon and biogenic silica in the Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean, 1996-1998. Deep-Sea Research II 49: 1,645-1,673

    Nelson, D.M. and M.A. Brzezinski. 1997. Diatom growth an productivity in an oligotrophic midocean gyre: A 3-yr record from the Sargasso Sea near Bermuda. Limnology and Oceanography 42: 473-486.

    Nelson, D.M., M.A. Brzezinski, D.E. Sigmon and V.M. Franck. 2001. A seasonal progression of Si limitation in the Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean. Deep-Sea Research II 48: 3973-3995.

    Nelson, D.M. and Q. Dortch. 1996. Silicic acid depletion and silicon limitation in the plume of the Mississippi River: evidence from kinetic studies in spring and summer. Marine Ecology Progress Series 136: 163-178.

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