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    Kevin Konrad

    Kevin Konrad photo
    Ph.D. Graduate Student
    Degree Major: Geology
    Major Professor/Advisor(s): David Graham & Anthony Koppers
    Discipline: Geology and Geophysics
    Office: Wilkinson 022
    Email: konradke@geo.oregonstate.edu


    Geochemistry, Geochronology.

    Research Interests

    Mantle geochemistry, lithosphere formation both past and present, intraplate volcanism, noble gas geochemistry/geochronology.

    Current Research

    1. Plume Versus Extension: Insights into the Origin of Volcanism Within Western Saudi Arabia from Helium Variability in Ultramafic Xenoliths and Lavas.
    2. High Resolution 40Ar-39Ar Geochronology of the Tuvalu Seamount Chain (Mid-Pacific): Implications for Hotspot Longevity and Pacific Plate Motion
    3. Hotspot-Lithosphere Interaction and the Evolution of Ocean Island Volcanism: Case Study From the Marquesas Islands
    4. Unraveling the Timescales of Volcanism and Mantle Evolution in the Izu Rear Arc


    2010 B.S. in Geology, Queens College, CUNY
        Thesis title: "X-Ray Image Analysis of Clast Size and Abundance in the Primitive Carbonaceous Chondrite Acfer 094"
    2012 M.S. in Geology, Oregon State University
        Thesis title: "Helium Isotope Variations in Peridotite, Gabbro and Basalt from the Kane Oceanic Core Complex"