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Adam Kent

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Discipline: Geology and Geophysics
Office: Wilkinson 236
Phone: 541-737-1205
Fax: 541-737-1200
Email: adam.kent@geo.oregonstate.edu


High temperature geochemistry, Igneous petrology, In-situ elemental and isotopic analysis

Research Interests

Behavior and evolution of magmatic and volcanic systems. Studies ofsilicate melt inclusions. Development and application of in-situ traceelement and isotopic measurement techniques in the Earth Sciences.


B.Sc. (Hons) Geology , University of New England, Australia, 1989
Ph.D. Geology and Geochemistry, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, 1995


GEO 203 - Evolution of Planet Earth
GEO 412/512 - Igneous Petrology
GEO 430/530 - Geochemistry
GEO 535 - Geochemical Analysis Techniques
GEO 499 - Undergraduate Research Seminar
GEO 599 - Topics in Petrology and Geochemistry

Graduate Students


Jeremiah Oxford, MS, 2006
Early Oligocene Intrusions in the Central Coast Range ofOregon : Petrography, Geochemistry, Geochronology and Implications forthe Tertiary Magmatic Evolution of the Cascadia Forearc

Cristina Darr, MS, 2006
Magma Chamber Processes Over the Past 475,000 Years at MountHood , Oregon: Insights From Crystal Zoning and Crystal SizeDistribution Studies

Michael Rowe (joint with Roger Nielsen) PhD, 2006
Microanalytical And Experimental Techniques For Interpreting Magma Genesis In The Cascadia Subduction Zone

Ashley Hatfield (joint with Roger Nielsen) MS, 2008
The age and origin of Snow Peak, Oregon

Allison Weinsteiger Ph.D.
MORB and ocean crust formation processes, Melt inclusion formation

Alison Koleszar Ph.D.
Volatile contents, eruptive controls and petrology of Mount Hood andesites

Morgan Salisbury Ph.D.
Ignimbrite correlation in the Altiplano-Puna volcanic complex; Tunupa Volcano, Bolivia; Sumatran tephras

Matt Loewen M.S.
Measurement of volatile metals using LA-ICP-MS, Mobility of volatile metals in volcanic systems


Matthew Loewen (Ph.D.)
Volatile metals in volcanic system

Christine Chan (M.S.)
Single mineral studies of Cretaceous Plutons in the crystalline core of the Cascades, WA.

Daniel Eungard (M.S.)
The Mackenzie Canyon and Lower Bridge Tuffs, Deschutes Formation, Oregon.

Luc Farmer (M.S. joint with John Dilles)
Zircon crystal chemistry in mineralized intrusive rocks, Nevada

Adam Kent's Research Website

OSU VIPER (Volcanology, Igneous Petrology and Economic geology Research) Website

W.M. Keck Collaboratory for Plasma Spectrometry Website


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