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Shireen Hyrapiet

Shireen Hyrapiet photo
Senior Instructor I
Discipline: Geography, Environmental Sciences, and Marine Resource Management
Office: Wilkinson 244
Phone: 541-737-3407
Email: shireen.hyrapiet@oregonstate.edu


Development geographies of the Global South - resource access, rights, and livelihoods; marginalization, and social exclusion; informal economies; grassroots and resistance movements; discourses, representations, and identities; cultural politics and place-making; natural hazards and community preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation.

Research Interests

Topics in Cultural and Urban Geography, Political Ecology. The Non-Western World with a focus on South Asia and more specifically, India.


Ph.D., Geography, Oklahoma State University
M.S., Fire and Emergency Management Administration, Oklahoma State University
B.A., Geography, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
B.S., Geography (Honors), Loreto College, University of Calcutta, India


GEOG 105 – Geography of the Non-Western World (On-campus and Ecampus)
GEOG 203 – Human-Environment Geography (On-campus and Ecampus)
GEOG 251 – Geography of Disaster Management (On-campus)
GEOG 300 – Sustainability for the Common Good (On-campus and Ecampus)
GEO 309 – Environmental Justice (Ecampus)
GEOG 327 – Geography of Asia (On-campus and Ecampus)
GEOG 328 – Geography of Latin America


Hyrapiet, Shireen, & Greiner, A (2012). Calcutta’s Hand-Pulled Rickshaws: Cultural Politics and Place Making in a Globalizing City. Geographical Review, 102, 407-426.

Phillips, Brenda, Dave Neal, Thomas Wikle, Aswin Subanthore & Shireen Hyrapiet (2008) Mass fatality management after the Indian Ocean tsunami. Disaster Prevention and Management, 17, 681-697.