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Chris Goldfinger

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Discipline: Geology and Geophysics
Office: Burt 244
Phone: 541-737-2066 / 541-737-5214
Fax: 541-737-2064

Research Interests

Subduction earthquakes; mechanics of oblique subduction, accretion and erosion of active margins; seafloor imaging, mapping, and visualization techniques; seafloor drilling technology.

Current Research

Gas-hydrate-gas-fluid-sediment dynamics using drilling, high-resolution seismic reflection, sidescan sonar, and submersible observations; active oblique faulting and block rotation in the Cascadia subduction zone; relationship of forearc deformation to earthquake potential in convergent margins; investigation of the earthquake potential of the Cascadia subduction zone; super-scale mass wasting and erosion of the southern Oregon margin.


BA, Humboldt State University (Geology), 1980
BS, Humboldt State University (Geologic Oceanography), 1980
MS, Oregon State University (Structural Geology), 1990
PhD, Oregon State University (Structural Geology), 1994


(Peer Reviewed )

1992 Transverse structural trends along the Oregon convergent margin: Implications for Cascadia earthquake potential and crustal rotations, Geology, v. 20, p. 141-144 (Goldfinger, C., Kulm, L.D., Yeats, R.S., Appelgate, B., MacKay, M.E., and Moore, G.F.)

1992 A left-lateral strike-slip fault seaward of the Oregon convergent margin, Tectonics, v. 11, p. 465-477 (Appelgate, B., Goldfinger, C., MacKay, M.E., Kulm, L.D., Fox, C.G., Embley, R.W., and Meis, P.J.)

1992 Neotectonic map of the Oregon continental margin and adjacent abyssal plain, Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, OFR 0-92-4, 17 pages and 2 map sheets. (Goldfinger, C., Kulm, L.D., Yeats, R.S., Mitchell, C., Weldon, R. J., II, Peterson, C., Darienzo, M., Grant, W., and Priest, G.R.)

1994 Active deformation of the Cascadia forearc: Implications for great earthquake potential in Oregon and Washington [PhD Thesis]: Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, 202 p. (Goldfinger, C.)

1995 Forearc deformation and great subduction earthquakes: Implications for Cascadia offshore earthquake potential: Science, v. 267, p. 856-859 (McCaffrey, R., and Goldfinger, C.)

1995 A seismic reflection profile across the Cascadia subduction zone offshore central Oregon: New constraints on methane distribution and crustal structure: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 100, p. 15,101-15,116 (Trhu, A., Lin, G., Maxwell, E., and Goldfinger, C.)

1996 Oblique strike-slip faulting of the Cascadia submarine forearc: The Daisy Bank fault zone off central Oregon: Subduction Top to Bottom, AGU Geophysical Monograph, p. 65-74 (Goldfinger, C., Kulm, L.D., Yeats, R.S., Hummon, C., Huftile, G.J., Niem, A.R., Fox, C.G., and McNeill, L.C.)

1996 Active strike-slip faulting and folding of the Cascadia plate boundary and forearc in central and northern Oregon. U.S.G.S. Professional Paper 1560, Earthquake Hazards in the Pacific Northwest, Rogers, et al., eds., p. 223-256 (Goldfinger, C., Kulm, L., Yeats, R., Appelgate, B., MacKay, M., and Cochrane, G.)

1996 Tectonics of the Willamette Valley, Oregon, in Rogers, A. M., Walsh, T. J., Kockelman, W. J., and Priest, G., eds., Assessing and reducing earthquake hazards in the Pacific Northwest. (Yeats, R.S., Graven, E.P., Werner, K.S., Goldfinger, C., and Popowski, T.A., U.S. Geological Survey, Professional Paper 1560, p. 183-222.

1997 Oblique strike-slip faulting of the central Cascadia submarine forearc: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 102, p. 8217-8243 (Goldfinger, C., Kulm, L.D., Yeats, R.S., McNeill, L.C., and Hummon, C.)

1997 Case study of GIS data integration and visualization in marine tectonics: The Cascadia subduction zone, Marine Geodesy, v. 20, p. 267-289. (Goldfinger, C. and McNeill, L.C.)

1997 Listric normal faulting on the Cascadia continental shelf: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 102, p.12,123-12,138 (McNeill, L.C., Piper, K.A., Goldfinger, C., Kulm, L.D., and Yeats, R.S.)

1998 Stonewall anticline: An active fold on the Oregon continental shelf: GSA Bulletin, v. 110, p. 572-587, (Yeats, R.S., Kulm, L.D., Goldfinger, C., and McNeill, L.C.)

1998 Correlations Between Active Continental Shelf Structures And Coastal Lowlands Of The Cascadia Subduction Zone, in Stewart, I.S., and Vita-Finzi, C. eds, Coastal Tectonics, Geological Society Special Publication 146, p. 321-342 (McNeill, L.C., Goldfinger, C., Yeats, R.S., Kulm, L.D.)

1998 Precise measurements help gauge Pacific Northwest's Earthquake potential: EOS, v. 79, p. 269-275.(Miller, M., Dragert, H., Endo, E., Freymueller, J.T., Goldfinger, C., Kelsey, H.M., Humphreys, E.D., Johnson, D.J., McCaffrey, R.M., Oldow, J.S., Qamar, A., and Rubin, C.M.)

1999 Active Tectonics: Data Acquisition and Analysis with Marine GIS, in, Bartlett, D.A, and Wright, D. eds., Coastal and Marine Geographic Information Systems, Taylor and Francis Research Monograph p. 237-254, (Goldfinger, C.)

In Press Evolution of the Late Neogene Central Cascadia Forearc Basin From Investigations of a Late Miocene Unconformity, AAPG Bulletin,. (McNeill, L.C., Kulm, L.D., Goldfinger, C., Yeats, R.S.,)

In Press Super-scale slumping of the southern Oregon continental margin: In Press, Keating, B., and Waythomas, C., eds., Pure and Applied Geophysics Special Volume on Landslides (Goldfinger, C., Kulm, L. D. and McNeill, L.C.)

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