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    Ed Brook

    Ed Brook photo
    Professor, Geology Program Director
    Discipline: Geology and Geophysics
    Secondary Discipline: Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
    Office: Wilkinson 130
    Phone: 541-737-8197
    Fax: 541-737-1200
    Email: brooke@geo.oregonstate.edu
    Vita or Résumé


    Paleoclimatology, geochemistry

    Research Interests

    Ice core trace gas records, cosmogenic isotopes, extraterrestrial dust


    B.S. Geology, Duke University, 1985
    M.S. Geology, University of Montana, 1988
    Ph.D. Chemical Oceanography, MIT/Woods Hole Joint Program, 1993


    ALS 199 - U Engage Freshman Seminar on Global Warming
    GEO 486/586 - Quaternary Paleoclimatology
    GEO 684 - Global Biogeochemical Cycles


    WAIS Divide Ice Core
    NEEM Ice Core

    Research Group Website

    OSU Ice Core and Quaternary Geochemistry Lab

    Recent Publications

    Bauska, T.K., D. Baggenstos, E.J. Brook, A.C. Mix, S.A. Marcott, V.V. Petrenko,  H. Schaefer,  J.P. Severinghaus, and J.E. Lee, 2016, Carbon isotopes characterize rapid changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide during the last deglaciation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 3465–3470, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1513868113.

    Rhodes, R.  X. Faïn, E. J. Brook, J. R. McConnell, O. J. Maselli, M. Sigl, J. Edwards, C. Buizert, T. Blunier, J. Chappellaz, and J. Freitas  2016, Local artifacts in ice core methane records caused by layered bubble trapping and in-situ production: a multi-site investigation, Climate of the Past, 12(4), 1061.
    Higgins, J. A., A. V. Kurbatov, N. E. Spaulding, E. Brook, D. S. Introne, L. M. Chimiak, Y. Yan, P. A. Mayewski and M. L. Bender, 2015, Atmospheric composition 1 million years ago from blue ice in the Allan Hills, Antarctica, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: 201420232.
    Rhodes, R. H., E. J. Brook, J. C. Chiang, T. Blunier, O. J. Maselli, J. R. McConnell, D. Romanini and J. P. Severinghaus, 2015, Enhanced tropical methane production in response to iceberg discharge in the North Atlantic, Science 348(6238): 1016-1019.
    WAIS Divide Community Members (OSU post doc Christo Buizert first author), 2015, Precise interpolar phasing of abrupt climate change during the last ice age, Nature 520(7549): 661-665.
    Buizert, C., K. Cuffey, J. Severinghaus, D. Baggenstos, T. Fudge, E. Steig, B. Markle, M. Winstrup, R. Rhodes and E. Brook, 2015, The WAIS Divide deep ice core WD2014 chronology–Part 1: Methane synchronization (68–31 ka BP) and the gas age–ice age difference, Climate of the Past 11(2): 153-173.
    Bauska, T. K., F. Joos, A. C. Mix, R. Roth, J. Ahn and E. J. Brook, 2015, Links between atmospheric carbon dioxide, the land carbon reservoir and climate over the past millennium, Nature Geoscience.

    Marcott, S., Bauska, T., Buizert, C., Steig, E., Rosen, J., Cuffey, K., Fudge, T.J., Severinghaus, J., Ahn, J., Kalk, M., McConnell, J., Sowers, T., Taylor, K., White, J. and Brook, E., 2014, Centennial-scale changes in the global carbon cycle during the last deglaciation, Nature, 514, 616-619.

    Bauska, T.K., E. J. Brook, A. C. Mix, and A. Ross, 2014, High precision dual-inlet IRMS measurements of the stable isotopes of CO2 and the N2O/CO2 ratio from polar ice core samples, Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss. 7, 6529-6564, 2014.

    Schilt, A., E. J. Brook, T. K. Bauska, D. Baggenstos*, H. Fischer, F. Joos, V. V. Petrenko, H. Schaefer, J. Schmitt and J. P. Severinghaus, 2014, Isotopic constraints on marine and terrestrial N2O emissions during the last deglaciation, Nature 516(7530): 234-237.

    Buizert, C., V. Gkinis, J.P. Severinghaus, F. He, B. S. Lecavalier, P. Kindler, M. Leuenberger, A. Carlson, B. Vinther, V. Masson-Delmotte, J.W.C. White, Z. Liu, B. Otto-Bliesner and E.J. Brook, 2014, Greenland temperature response to climate forcing during the last deglaciation, Science, 45, 1093-1208.

    Buizert, C., D. Baggenstos, W. Jiang, R. Purtschert, V. V. Petrenko, Z.-T. Lu, P. Müller, T. Kuhl, J. Lee and J. P. Severinghaus, 2014, Radiometric 81Kr dating identifies 120,000-year-old ice at Taylor Glacier, Antarctica, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111(19): 6876-6881.
    Carlson, A. E., K. Winsor, D. J. Ullman, E. J. Brook, D. H. Rood, Y. Axford, A. N. LeGrande, F. S. Anslow and G. Sinclair, 2014, Earliest Holocene south Greenland ice sheet retreat within its late Holocene extent, Geophysical Research Letters 41(15): 5514-5521.
    Seierstad, I. K., P. M. Abbott, M. Bigler, T. Blunier, A. J. Bourne, E. Brook, S. L. Buchardt, C. Buizert, H. B. Clausen and E. Cook, 2014, Consistently dated records from the Greenland GRIP, GISP2 and NGRIP ice cores for the past 104 ka reveal regional millennial-scale δ18O gradients with possible Heinrich event imprint, Quaternary Science Reviews 106: 29-46.
    Ahn, J. and E.J. Brook, 2014, Siple Dome ice reveals two modes of millennial CO2 change during the last ice age, Nature Communications, 5, 3723, doi:10.1038/ncomms4723.

    Ahn, J., E.J. Brook, and C.  Buizert, 2014, Response of atmospheric CO2 to the abrupt cooling event 8200 years ago, Geophysical Research Letters. 41, 604–609.